2015 WSMR Kids Reunion
Wow It Happened and It Was Great!

Here’s Looking Forward To The Next Reunion!

This site is dedicated to all of the kids that lived at White Sands Missile Range/White Sands Proving Grounds, NM (WSMR/WSPG).

2015 WSMR Kids Reunion

2015 WSMR Kids Reunion

Jim Fulp - Webmaster

Jim Fulp, Webmaster WSMR ’61-’70
MHS class of ’70

The ListIt’s purpose is to support and provide information and a forum for WSMR Kids.  It is also to provide resources to help the WSMR Kids keep in touch via a directory named “The List”. The list was last updated on 4/7/2020 and  includes the names of 3672 WsmrKids. The list has been provided by Bill Adler since about the same time I started the website in 1991. We also want to provide news and information about past and upcoming reunions will also be available here. If you have any suggestions of content or feature that you would like to see included in this site, please email me or include a comment below. [email protected]

WSMR Kids Reunion in 2015

Well WSMR Kids – another dream has come true. We actually got it together to put on a sixth ALL WSMR Kids reunion. I want to thank all of those that worked so hard to get it done. We are looking for some new volunteers to take hold of the reins of the WSMR Kids Reunion mission.  It would be great to have younger blood to bring younger ideas to the reunion group. For a review the reunion, along with pictures… Go Here…


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A FacFB-logoebook Group for the next reunion has also been established for the WSMRKids. “WSMR Kids 2020 Reunion
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