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2015 WSMR Kids Reunion
Wow It Happened and It Was Great!

Here’s Looking Forward To The Next Reunion!

This site is dedicated to all of the kids that lived at White Sands Missile Range/White Sands Proving Grounds, NM (WSMR/WSPG).

2015 WSMR Kids Reunion

2015 WSMR Kids Reunion

Jim Fulp - Webmaster

Jim Fulp, Webmaster WSMR ’61-’70
MHS class of ’70

The ListIt’s purpose is to support and provide information and a forum for WSMR Kids.  It is also to provide resources to help the WSMR Kids keep in touch via a directory named “The List”. The list was last updated on 4/7/2020 and  includes the names of 3672 WsmrKids. The list has been provided by Bill Adler since about the same time I started the website in 1991. We also want to provide news and information about past and upcoming reunions will also be available here. If you have any suggestions of content or feature that you would like to see included in this site, please email me or include a comment below. [email protected]

WSMR Kids Reunion in 2015

Well WSMR Kids – another dream has come true. We actually got it together to put on a sixth ALL WSMR Kids reunion. I want to thank all of those that worked so hard to get it done. We are looking for some new volunteers to take hold of the reins of the WSMR Kids Reunion mission.  It would be great to have younger blood to bring younger ideas to the reunion group. For a review the reunion, along with pictures… Go Here…


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Welcome To Your New WSMRKids.com Website! — 70 Comments

  1. Lived at WSMR from 1952-1959–the Gearou’s were our neighbors for many years along with the Blakeslee’s the Watson’s the Chessers. My sister Judy Hutton was best friends with Helen Fowler. My best friends were the numerous Gearou kids. My father was the theater manager and my mom was the credit union manager. WSMR gave me the best and safest years of my life.

    • As I thought about it after posting I remembered many things. My dad was the theater manager in the evenings and on the weekend . He came from a very poor Mississippi dirt farmer family, no father in the picture and worked hard to ensure his family did not go hungry as his family did when he was growing up. We came to WSMR when I was 2 and left when he had a heart attack and medically retired. The Gearou’s and the Watson’s took care of us kids (3) when my mother went to El Paso to visit my father in the hospital. We all missed the base and my brother Jerry Hutton lived with the Blakeslee’s until he graduated from high school. We moved to El Paso and it was a rude awakening to the outside world. I was 2 years ahead in school and just breezed thru classes but that’s not always a good thing. I remembered my sister Judy always being with Helen Fowler or Kathy Gearou and it was quite a shock to be separated from them as Penny Gearou and Bea Watson were my 2nd mothers.I don’t think any of us ever realize just how good we have it until that lifestyle is gone. My 2 brats are Marine kids and they have had a great life they tell me. Would love to hear from any of you that might remember my family. Thanks and God Bless.

  2. I remember the day JFK was shot….school was let out….think I was in 7th or 8th grade. I remember Mrs. Grable crying. I am 66 years old now. I had Mr. Bell, Mr. Warnake, Senior Paz, ….the English teacher’s name was Clingenpeel…or something like that. I have no idea where my yearbook is.

  3. Would love to connect with friends from when we lived there in 67-71. I was in 5th-8th grade and lived on watervilet (sp wrong).

  4. Looking for anyone from 1980-81. Have 2 brothers Mike and Tony Sanchez who were in high school and middle school. My 2 sisters Joann a yr younger than me and Nancy, who also went to high school in Law Cruses.

    • Elizabeth, I do not have your email address and I have no information on your siblings. Please have everyone update their information on https://www.wsmrkids.com/get-listed/ Have you looked at the listing for friends. There are over 20 people on the listing that graduated in 1991.

  5. We left in 62 after 4 yrs when dad retired. Would like to hear from others in that range. Was in 8th grade then. Lived at 307 Savannah.

  6. Hi….
    Hope this is still working…we lived on Savannah Ave. from ’59-’62.
    Have many memories of WSMR!!

    • Hi Tommy this is Tom perkins. Have never made it back since 62. Did see you sister in Indy maybe 20 years ago. We moved to Ind. And have been here ever since. I think my brother said you are in Az.if you want to call sometime 765 714 6327

  7. Hey webmaster; the comment I posted was directed at Arlene Craighead (Patterson) but went a few lines down. And I could have sworn you graduated in 72.

      • I know I had an English class with you, same class also had Bob Oliver and Flanagan, I forget his first name. Did you have a younger brother, David? Maybe that’s who I’m thinking of.

        • Hi Eric,
          Yes, David Fulp is my younger brother and I also know Bob Oliver. Dave is currently in The Woodlands, north of Houston and Bobby is in west Houston. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  8. Hi everyone! I lived in WSMR 1961-63. Nice to see there’s a group again!

  9. Sorry that I won’t be able to attend. Thanks for the hard work in putting this together. My brother Bob Thorniley also lived at WSMR ,but attended the high school in LAs Cruces. Many fond memories from my time there.

  10. Bill, What is “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean?

    • I want to purchase two t shirts for my brother and I. We won’t be able to attend the reunion but maybe next time. Hope everyone has fun. We lived on base nearly 10 years. I love White Sands. BTW: I don’t see my previous post.

  11. Great to reconnect! Is there anyone around who attended WSMR Jr High 67-69? You will then remember Mr. Bell and Mrs. Grable and of course, Mr. Sullenburger! Hey Jim Fulp! Looking forward to the reunion!

    • I had Mrs. Grable for math , Mrs, Zorn for social studies, and Mr. Bell and Sullenburger in 7th and 8th grades ? 1967-1969. I only lived there for 2 years. Seems like it was not that long ago , but I have grandsons in high school.
      Do you remember Mr. Langley ?

    • Arlene Craighead Patterson,

      Still interested in the reunion?

      Can you get your registration in by the 8th of August or do you need more time.


    • Well well, of all the places to find you here. Just wanted to say thanks for the hospitality and the support. How is Sinclair doing? You guys took me in when my mind was scrambled and treated me like a human being. I will never forget that. I apologise for not getting a job that summer, looking back I should have tried harder. Living in Albuquerque 30 years now. Would be good to hear from you guys. -Eric [email protected]

      • Mr. Bell always picked on me!! The principal, Mr. Hoover got in trouble for passing out John Birch material…do you remember that? Mr. Bell had me copy the US Constitution after school as a punishment for talking in class.

    • Hi Arlene, I remember Mrs. Grable, and Mr. Bell…he gave me my first “F” and my first “C” in conduct. My parents wanted to know why I got a “C” in conduct.
      I was at WSMR I think from 1952 – 1956, then again from 1961-1963(?). I don’t know if you will ever see this post, as you posted a couple of years ago.
      I was good friends with Cheryl Robertson.
      Valerie “Rives” Thompson

      • Hey Valerie, this is Arlene (Craighead) Patterson. Although your name is familiar, not sure I met you, if so it was very briefly. Arrive at WSMR when I was in 5th Grade, let in 1969 after Jr. High School.

        Missed the reunions, but hope to get to the next one. I know the Starkes (Earl & Sheryl), Emory Davis, Alfred Jackson, Joe, Janet and Belinda Johnson, Teresa Kirby, James Williams, Gail Kaaleekee….(sorry cannot remember how to spell it my Hawaiian friend), Reuben & Millie Manor, Eric Beyer (glad to make contact with him). There are others but I shan’t go down the whole list. Always wondered what happened to our Choir Director (Mr. West?).

        Glad to know Us Brats are a tough group and still trying to reach out. Many people don’t realize what it is like to lose connections with friends because of constantly moving. But I would never give up that life!


  12. anyone still around from the 1950’s? I attended the elementary school in WSMR in the late 1950’s

    • I attended WSPG Elementary from 1954-1957 when my Dad, Col. John Fowler was transfered to the Amerian Embassey in Rangoon, Burma. We then moved to Las Cruces for a year and a half. In 1960 we returned to White Sands and I attended WSMR Jr. High until my Dad retired in 1961.

    • I attended the school from 1954 to 1960. Moved in spring of 60 when we were transferred to Fairbanks, Alaska. Returned to WSMR Oct of 1963 and went to LCHS as a sophomore til I graduated.

      • Hi Annette,

        I am trying to locate you regarding your father’s diary that you sent to me for the 401st Bomb Group Association. I lost your email, etc. My dad was 1st Lt Vince Ledray and he served with your dad in the 615th. We are having our reunion next week in San Antonio at the Holiday Inn Riverwalk.

        • Hello Sue,
          I just found your message on my WSMR Kids page. My new email is [email protected]
          I put everything on the back burner for two years.My husband was diagnosed with cancer July of 2014 and passed away this past Sept. So sorry to have missed your reunions.
          Hope this finds you and your sisters well.
          Annette Casner George

          • Hey Annette,
            Doris and I got your Christmas card 2 years ago but lost your address and the number that we had in Lordsburg was no longer good. Hope that you will see this post and give us a call @ (575) 522 -5713. So sorry about Joe.

  13. I just wanted to be certain that I was officially registered on this site! I am so glad to see the next reunion is planned for 2015! I think we lived on WSMR in 1962-1964 & 1970-1972. I hope the plan includes the “older crowd” LOL!!! Marty

  14. glad to see it up and running again! I left WSMR at the age of 14 and have attended several reunions..
    i’d love to attend another … that is if the plane includes the ‘OLDER CROWD’ too!

  15. Graduated in 1983 best yrs spent there. Before that Germany had great friends there too


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  17. From Jim, Your Webmaster.
    I will post any pictures sent to me that is relevant and appropriate to the WSMRKids site, unless it contains Miley Cyrus singing ;)…Jim

  18. I’m excited to reconnect with so many I remember when we were so young. My name was Donna Hayes and I am now 51 yes old/young. I would love to see yearbooks from 1970-1976 & even be able to purchase them to show my children & grandchildren.

    • Donna – go to the list to see who has been found that was there when you were there. Then email them and see if someone will send you some – soft or hard copy. Bill

  19. Bill…;)
    Just wanted to thank you for all your past efforts for this website & all other activities
    that you & many others are responsible for having accomplished over time… Looks like “WSMRKIDS”.com
    has definitely come a long way & a lot to show for it… The only thing I’d like for you to pass on to the membership is the constant need to keep the “memorable photos” that some of us have (hidden in that box in the closets of our minds…) and share them with all of us who don’t have those wonderful photos of our past memories from WSMR/WSPG way back when…? Meanwhile hope we all stay in touch with Bill & let him know how much we care for all that hard work he’s putting into this endeavor by sending him our “Thank-Yous” & letting him know how we feel…etc. 😉 -Please send your photos/jpegs-
    -Sincerely Grateful…
    -Bernard (Bernie) Stafford… 😉

    • Bernie – Thank you for the note. Yes here are a lot of pictures out there. People can email them to Jim – the webmaster or post them on facebook. If you don’t have access to facebook, send them to [email protected] and he will post them. There are many pictures in the five reunion publications.

  20. Bill, my husband and I have recently moved so my email address may be incorrect, I’ll need to double check with my husband later. He’s on it much more than me. 😉

  21. Jim – I want to thank you for all that you have done. Hope to continue our partnership for many more years to come.