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We want to applaud the Previous 2004 Reunion Committee at this time for all of their diligent work they have done on the previous reunions. They may or may not have known each other 20 years ago; but today - they are to each other - family. Besides working together on the previous reunions, they play together, take trips together; they eat together, have meetings and partake in each other's family events. This is to say - they NOW know each other and have been together for all of these years since getting together to pull off these reunions. If you have been to one or more of the four reunions - you know what I mean when I say they have done excellent work. With the passing of Penny Gearou we will sorely miss her as our reunion "mom" and the tireless contributions and heart that she gave to the reunion planning process!

In front is Penny, 2nd row is Elaine Shoberg, Dutch Matkin, Leilani Horton, Doris Davis, Mike Louis, and my wife, Vivian. Back row is Mike Shoberg, Tommy Matkin, Butch Davis, and Larry Fiedler. The photo was taken in Penny's back yard. The remaining past committee members still are close and continue to get together. Below is a picture of the 2004 committee members having their own reunion dinner in December of 2008.


As we said in the beginning. This group of people (WSPG and WSMR Kids) at the last reunion (2004) The Base are very close to all of us. Well, the base Garrison Commander - Col. Don Gentry and his wife joined us for the Hembrillo Canyon trip and joined us at the Luncheon at the Frontier Club (the old Officers Club). After seeing this group of "brats", he informed us that he himself is a military brat and had wished that there was a group like ours for his past. He was in full support of this group and has mentioned the possibility of having a spot in the WSMR Museum dedicated to the WSMR Kids and that he did not want us to STOP having reunions of this organization. Click here for the request for items that will be in our spot in the Museum!

So that is the Commanders orders! ;)